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WHEN Zhan Wenlian died, her husband and son didn’t consider a normal burial. Instead, they had her body frozen, hoping technology would someday return her to them.

Zhan, 49 Grossiste Nike Air Max Homme Soldes , died from lung cancer on May 8. Two minutes after she was declared dead at Shandong University’s Qilu Hospital, scientists and doctors injected various chemicals into her body in an attempt to reduce blood clotting and brain damage.

Then her body was transferred to a laboratory at Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute, where her body temperature was lowered and her blood replaced with a mixture of anti-freeze and organ-preserving chemicals.

The temperature of her body was further lowered before she was wrapped in a “sleeping bag” and put in a metal capsule. It is being stored in a liquid nitrogen container at a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius.

“The device will monitor the temperature and volume changes of the liquid nitrogen. Approximately every 10 days, staff will add liquid nitrogen,” said Zang Chuanbao, director of the institute’s cryo-medicine research center.

  Zhan Wenlian's body was transferred to a laboratory at Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute Grossiste Nike Air Max Femme Soldes , where her body temperature was lowered and her blood replaced with a mixture of anti-freeze and organ-preserving chemicals

‘Pressed the pause button’

“I thought she was just lazy and fell asleep. She just pressed the pause button on her life,” said Gui Junmin, Zhan’s husband.

The Jinan-based research institute was established by Yinfeng Biological Group in 2015. Its fields include gene engineering, stem cell technology, human cell and organ storage and resurrection.

“Theoretically, her metabolism and cellular activity are stagnated. There is no issue with keeping her body like this for centuries. Perhaps Grossiste Nike Air Max 2019 Soldes , one day when technology advances, she can be resurrected,” said Zang.

The institute extracted stem cells from Zhan’s blood, which could potentially be beneficial for her revival or for her family members.

Zhan is the first Chinese national to have her entire body cryogenically frozen. In 2015, Chinese science fiction editor Du Hong, 61 Grossiste Chaussure Nike Air Max Soldes , died of pancreatic cancer and had her head cryogenically frozen and stored at the headquarters of Alcor Life Extension Foundation in the United States.

American scientist James Bedford became the first cryogenically frozen human in 1967.

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