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Taking A Look At A Men’s Wingtip Boot If Comfort Is Important To You, Taking A Look At A Men’s Wingtip Boot If Comfort Is Important To You

Static Homepage verses Dynamic Post Pages. What will be Beneficial for Your Site?

There are advantages of having a static page instead of creating dynamic post pages for the first page of your site. Seen as this page can be a HTML driven page it can helps when the search engine spiders come crawling around. This helps with your indexing. In general it is a much cleaner page, does not run a script and has the benefit of loading faster which is one of the main requirements (page load time) for search engines these days. This in turn will be of great benefit to your rankings.

With a static home page you may implement all of the main keywords that you want to use as content and images. These will be all relevant latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords you will want to be using for your project on this home page. This in turn gives you the added bang to your main keyword rich domain name.

Now Post Pages – are dynamic in nature requiring them to run by the way of a script.

This script loads every time someone access the site as the content is stored on a database Every time you write content and post it to your site the page will update showing the last piece of content you have submittedposted on top. Search engines do also love dynamic sites as each time they visit there is liable to be new content for them to measure and this will help in the overall rankings of your site. A site administrator has the control to place the content where they like on the site. Updating your site with the latest news or events can be easy.

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