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"Before the crisis, we us

DAMASCUS Kyle Schwarber Youth Jersey , March 16 (Xinhua) -- From organizing children parties ahead of the crisis to witnessing unimaginable agony of people during the war, aid workers in Syria have witnessed indescribable suffering of people in the worst humanitarian disaster since the World War II.

"Before the crisis, we used to execute one mission a week. There were extremely rare emergencies back then. Our work was about organizing children parties and collect toys for them," said Muayad Saadi, a humanitarian worker.

He said the biggest task back then was to organize blood donations, and the main reason he joined a humanitarian work was because he loved the collective effort in helping people.

However, Saadi had never imagined that he would actually be working in a war, as what appeared to be a clean-color job has turned upside down during the crisis.

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